Friday, February 26, 2016

Lake Effect Half Marathon Review

Lake Effect Half Marathon 
February 21, 2016
Liverpool, NY

  Half Marathon 591

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Getting back on the horse for half marathon #101

  Just two weeks prior to the Lake Effect Half Marathon I completed my 100th half.  Feeling accomplished and fulfilled for the time being I was left with the "now what" itch. One of the things I learned from all my race adventures and challenging  myself is that you must get back on the horse, the sooner the better. So in order to ensure this I fill up my calendar way in advance. keep the momentum going and do not stop. I must admit taking the 5 hour drive to Liverpool was just the last thing I felt like doing. However experience has taught me that I never regret a race. Get up and do it no matter how you feel because the finish line never disappoints.

     Me eyes had been on this race for the two years prior. Lake Effect promises cold and snow. Just the kind of crazy thing I look for. Plus their medals are always look so pretty. Yes I'm partial to the icy blue colors but I swear that's not why I picked the race.

  A huge plus for a race especially in the winter is close parking. Arriving just an hour before the start we grabbed a nice spot just feet from the finish line and tent. Having already picked up our race Bibs the day before meant we could could sit in the car. No long walk back and forth to  PPU is greatly appreciated. Staged at Onondaga State Park we had a nice view of the partially frozen lake as we waited for the race to start.   

  While I run all different types of race the mid size and small races tend to be my favorite. We gathered at the start line had a quick briefing and were set on our way.  Oh I almost forget the ever important porta potty situation. No line the two times I ran to them and fully stocked. I do recall seeing some on the course as well. 

   This is an out and back twice, flat course within the park. NO CARS! Very peaceful along the lake. We were fortunate with a somewhat milder day then normal for this race. No snow or ice on the  pavement. Darn it!!! That is what I went for.  Plenty of water Gatorade and gels along the course. The vibe of the race...have fun! I found it to host very friendly runners. 

Watch a short video filmed from my perspective here:  

  Lake effect Half Marathon does a great job with this race. They also worked with the 100 Half Marathons Club this year to offer some of our members an exclusive discount. After the race we were treated to broths from Core and chicken soup from Diamond Catering   

Nice tech woman's cut shirt 
Awesome finisher medal with a spinner snowflake  
Free race photos 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

WIN Product Review

WIN High Performance Sports Detergent 

When you just can't get that smell out turn to WIN! 

    You finally found the perfect running attire. Yippe!!!  After many trials your sports bra finally doesn't chafe. The performance top lays perfectly across your body. The running shorts don't ride up. So you wear them over and over. They are your tried and trued "go to" pieces of apparel. They go the distance and you can count on them not giving you any problems during your run. As you prepare for your next big race and pull these magical pieces of attire onto your body something hits you.

  The STENCH of built up sweat...ewwwwh

It's repulsive and you think now what? Maybe you put your fingers to work on Google and start frantically looking to replace them only to find out they no longer make this product. Oh the travesty! So next you start washing them in everything imaginable. Vinegar and baking soda will surely do the trick won't it? How about I soak them in scent crystals? I can leave them outside for days the fresh air cures everything. Oh I heard the dishwasher gets so hot it will kill all the bacteria therefore eliminating that smell. 

Go ahead try those options if you must but what does that do to your fancy "tech" gear? Here is a much better solution for you. 

  After using WIN for many washes over two months I can tell you it works! I was constantly throwing out my sports bras and spending a fortune replacing them, No matter what I did I couldn't get the smell out of that elastic band around the bottom. After 4 or 5 half marathons they were headed to the trash. With WIN High Performance Sports Detergent I can get many more wears out of them. 

   Win Sports Detergent leaves the laundry feeling very clean and smelling great. It doesn't take much just that small cap fill so these bottles last a long time. 

  * My opinions on this product are my own. I have not been paid for a review. WIN provided me with sample product to try.