Friday, January 8, 2016

Chilly Willy Half Marathon Review

Chilly Willy Half Marathon
January 1, 2016
Seekonk, MA 02771

   Half Marathon - 186

Wining time: 


First Half Marathon of 2016

    While many were sleeping sung in their beds after a night of ringing in the New Year this race addict was going through the race morning routine. After spending the night in a nice Providence RI hotel a 15 minute drive was very easy. I arrived an hour early as I always to to find plenty of parking. There is just nothing more pleasant then being able to pull right up to the staging area. I wouldn't trade in my low key races for anything. 
    Packet pick up was located inside the YMCA. It's really nice to have a warm place to chat with friends pre-race. It's even nicer to have indoor plumbing! The convenience of having all this plus your car is just steps away is really underrated, especially in cold temps. Don't believe me?  Attend a race in 20 or below temps that you have to walk a mile to the start and back while you are damp with sweat. You will spend the rest of the day shivering on your coach.  

  Just a few feet outside the door our small group gathered at the starting line. I'm not sure what it is about the smaller races but people really seem to talk to each other more. Do these races attract a certain type of runner? 

 Race Director Gary briefed us about the course and would you believe every one of his arrows has his phone number on it! I dare you to find that at another race. This is perfect for those first timers who fear getting lost. It even put my mind at ease in the event I should pass out or twist an ankle. Boy that is really trusting the running community. Hey Gary I'd love to know if you have received any strange phone calls? After some conversations and laughs we were sent on our way.  


   This race offered a pleasant stroll through quite neighbors. Excellent energetic volunteers maned water stations that were frequent enough.  I may have been a bit to busy chatting away during this race to give a detailed description. Hey it was New Years day after all and I was running a half marathon not concerned at all about the clock. However I did hustle the last two miles to catch something special I was told would be happening at the finish line. See you should have watched that video to the end.   

  Ocean State Multisport does a nice job of putting on low key events at very reasonable prices. I'm looking forward to attending several of their events in 2016. 

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