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Celebrate Life Half Marathon Review

Celebrate Life Half Marathon 
March 13, 2016
Rock Hill, NY

  Half Marathon 921

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A Feel Good Race

    What sets this race apart is its willingness to accommodate participants of all abilities. There are three starts times available. One for walkers, one for those over 2:30, and the regular start. Why would a race Director offer this you ask? Well why would that same RC also donate 100% off the proceeds to patients in treatment for cancer? Passion! The answer is passion and  believing that what they do can and does make a deference. 
     These staggered start times allows anyone an opportunity to support their loved ones who have battled cancer.  Maybe even they themselves have overcome it. This is a race full of inspiration! 

     Is there anything better then having a race start and finish right outside the door of your hotel?  The Sullivan Hotel ( now know as the Ramada)  hosts the race. Everything from packet pick up to the post race buffet is done inside the hotel's banquet room. That buffet, may I add, is catered by the Outback Steak House . I mean you are getting a real meal here folks, not just a piece of fruit or bagel.  

     Having run this race the year before I was well aware of the "rolling hills" and opted for the early start knowing I wouldn't finish before 2:30.  Now I know that elevation chart looks pretty flat and even the numbers don't say much but do not fool yourself  this course is somewhat challenging. It is also beautiful with nice views of the lake.       

100 Half  Marathons Club Members 

100 Half  Marathons Club Members  

100 Half Marathons Club Members 

  There was plenty of aid stations with water and Gatorade, even one with Gu. I will keep the secret of the aid station under the bridge just as you are getting close to the finish. The volunteers were very helpful and friendly. Emergency vehicles and police were present and visible. 
   The finish area did have some congestion with vehicles trying to leave the race while runners were coming through the shoot. Even though there were volunteers in place to help direct these cars I found it tough to navigate around the cars while flying down the hill at full throttle.

Click below to view my GoPro video from the race 

  Race director Myriam does a fantastic job with this event. It is one I will continue to return to.   

Finishers medal 

Zip up race giveaway ( way better then any T-shirt)

The Celebrate Life Half  Marathon was voted one of the best half marathons in NY for 2015 by the 100 Half Marathons Club. As a service to the running community each year our members fill out an annual survey to recognize their favorite half marathons by state, theme, price, overall value, and other categories

You can find the results here: 
To learn more about the club visit us at 100halfmarathonsclub.com

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