Saturday, April 2, 2016

Run With Heart Half Marathon Review

Run with Heart Half Marathon 
January 30, 2016 
Mansfield, TX 

  Half marathon 212

Winning Time: 


Well done Texas!

    What was I to do when the half marathon I had scheduled as #99 was canceled? There really weren't many options. My 100th was already planned and I was intent on having it be close to home with a Race Director I've run with many times. I'm a big fan of Trimara Sports !  My biggest supporters planned to be there and I couldn't fathom letting them down. So this idea of jumping on a plane to Texas was developed. I mulled over the idea while consulting with the friends who know me best and soon I was on my way. 

Thank you to everyone who gave me that little nudge. Sometimes you need that voice of reason to stop you from crazy ideas and other times you need those same people to tell you it's okay to MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

While the field of runners may have been small there was nothing small about this race. If only all races were so easy. Arriving early as always there was ample parking for more then triple the amount of runners.  I just love parking feet away from the start/finish. Porta potties where in decent shape and stocked with no lines even minutes before the race. Pre-race music got everyone pumped while race day packet pickup was underway. Vendors and volunteers were busy setting up there tables of goodies while runners met and chatted with one another. The vibe was friendly and welcoming. 

After a quick briefing, race blessing and the singing of the National Anthem we were sent off to embark on 13.1 miles....on time.  


This race offered a nice course with enough aid stations. At my pace I found myself alone at times which I don't mind. The nice change of scenery into the park was very welcomed. There is always something special a race that treats each and every runner the same. No matter if there are thousands of us or a couple hundred, if you are in the front of the pack or the back we all like the support a race offers. This race did a stand out job of that. From the law enforcement to the volunteers they held nothing back.   

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