Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Triple Threat Half Marathon Race Report

 Triple Threat Half Marathon
August 2, 2015
Rockport, MA

Finishers 1 mile -161
Finishers 5k - 155
Finishers Half Marathon - 593
Fishers Triple Threat - 127

Doing whatever it takes can be crazy!

   Last year two of my Northport Running Club teammates, Elizabeth, Erica and I took a nice relaxing trip to Massachusetts to challenge ourselves and go a bit out of our comfort zones by running three back to back races at this Yukan Run event. We arrived Saturday enjoyed a nice meal together and turned in early. Race morning we were greeted by cool temps for August. The rolling course through the towns and along the water was a refreshing change of scenery.  We all finished the race happy with our performances and feeling great.  
Triple Threat 2014

   Fast Forward to this year. The plan was to leave very early Saturday morning with my travel buddy and stay overnight making the 4.5 drive more manageable. Due to circumstances out of her control we found out Thursday she could not go. Not only is it great to have company on these adventures it also splits all the costs of the travel and overnight stay. Running half marathons every weekend is far from cheap. Whoever said running is a cheap sport just doesn't get it. 

                                     NOW WHAT !?!

   Go alone right? That works but it doubles the cost and well in my mind that money can go towards another race. I'm not willing to give up the race so decide I will just drive that morning. Why not? If I can run for 11 hrs I certainly can sit on my butt for the 9+ hrs it will take me to get there and back in the same day I run the 17.2 miles. See when you have a goal that you so badly want to achieve your mind plays tricks, you get a little crazy and will stop at nothing.  
  At 3:30 am I hit the road for this solo road trip to run races I've already run just to complete another half marathon. Thanks to the empty roads I made it there in just over 4 hrs, grabbed my BIB and prepared myself for the race. I sat there thinking there is no need to run the 1 mile or 5k this year but I did it anyway. There is much comfort in knowing you are surrounded by people just as crazy as yourself. 

  The Triple Threat Half Marathon is a well run event that offers some stunning water views along a slightly hilly course. Little shade on a hot sunny day opened the opportunity for the towns residents to show there support of the event by placing their sprinklers outside. The little kids armed with hoses eagerly hoping you will let them spray you are what I call course angles. Water stops were frequent enough for me to forgo carrying my usual handheld water bottle allowing me to carry and test out the GoPro for the first time. 

 It was a very different race this year with a finishing temperature of 90 degrees. The heat had me moving very sluggish but I took my time and got all three races done. Life time half # 67 followed be 6hr drive home is crazy.  

All finishers of the Triple receive a cooler bag. 

   The two things keeping this race from receiving 5 gold sneakers are first the open roads. While the volunteers did a terrific job directing traffic it is just never safe to have cars driving next to a bunch of focused runners, many of whom wear earbuds with music blasting. It also takes something away from the race experience. 
  The second was the limited amount of finish line refreshments. While there was plenty of ice cold bottled water very little else was there by the time I finished. Fruit would be a great addition. 

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