Saturday, August 22, 2015

ChafeX Product Review

     I first stumbled upon ChafeX at a race expo when I saw it was recommended by Ultra Marathoners.  At that time I had just started to dabble in the idea of running past the 26.2 distance. Seeking knowledge from runners experienced in the ultra distance I joined some groups and discussion forums. Quietly I read comments quickly realizing that any product recommended by someone who runs 100 miles is probably a good one.  If it works that long it can get you through anything. 
   So I let the sales rep explain the product to me. Then applied some to the back of my hand. Didn't really feel like much of anything at that time.  That is good thing! Do you really want to "feel" the product when it's on your skin or do you want it to just work as it's suppose to?  

   Somewhat convinced I bought one however I was reluctant to replace my go to anti-chafing  product. We runners sure can be creatures of habit and difficult to sway from anything we've been using.  

    Now I must admit that product set in my drawer untouched for awhile. The fear of a painful shower after a run because it may not work caused some apprehension about trying it. You all know what I'm talking about!

  Eventually I registered for my first ultra marathon and decided it was time to test anything I may use or need while I was out there. First I ran just a few miles with it applied to my trouble spots then a few more. 


  I went on to complete that 53k with ChafeX as the only anit-chafing product in my pack! 

Disclaimer: These opinions are my own. ChafeX  has not paid me for a review. 
I reached out to ChafeX after using their product for partnership with the They now offer it's members an exclusive discount.   


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