Monday, April 11, 2016

Fighting Seabees Half Marathon Review

Fighting Seabees Half Marathon
April 30, 2016
North Kingston, RI

  Half Marathon 273

Winning Time:


"I don't give a crap about who wins this race, I care about one thing, everybody making it to that finish line..." RD- Gary

  If you have never run an Ocean State Multisport event I highly encourage you to do so. These are no fuss low key half marathons with a race director that truly cares about the runners. Have you ever had the RD himself pull up to you on the course to see if you need anything? You will see Gary on the course checking on runners. 

This course run at Quonset Point is flat with only one hill, an overpass around mile 9.5. There was virtually no traffic to deal with, just wide open roads. All intersections were manned with a highly visible volunteer. It is a pleasure to be able to just run your race feeling safe. Aid stations were fully stocked about every two miles. 

With an option to buy multiple races at a discounted price and/or taking advantage of the discount this race provides to 100 Half Marathons Club members it is a steal worth every penny. I admit I questioned myself for leaving my house at 3:30am to drive the three hours, run this race and turnaround to make the trip back home. When I was finished I was so happy I resisted the urge to skip it.    

Even with the low entry fee every runner received a tech shirt and finishers medal. There were plenty of snacks at the finish line. Let me not forget to mention there is a very generous cut-off time. 

Thank you Gary and all the volunteers for making this a smooth enjoyable event.  


  1. Thank you for the kind words. Checking on the Runners and their safety will always be my first and foremost priority.

  2. I think it's great that you ran with a GoPro, I saw you at the beginning of the race (I had on the orange shirt). I just recently starting running again (this was my first half marathon in 12 years), please keep up the great reviews, hope to you see you at more races.

    Kuddos for driving so far for this race