Monday, April 4, 2016

RunnerBox Product Review


  After contacting RunnerBox  on behalf of the 100 Half Marathons Club  they offered to send me a complimentary box to see what it's all about. In addition RunnerBox has offered club members an exclusive discount. My opinions in this review are my own. I was not paid for a review nor was the club discount contingent upon providing a review. 

RunnerBox is a bi-monthly subscription to receive really cool goodies. They also offer one time gift boxes and limited edition specialty boxes. I highly recommend you go buy one for a friend right now.. GIFT A BOX!!!    They will be thrilled to receive their box filled with a variety of high quality products.  

Now let me explain that I've seen and heard of most every product out there for runners. With over 400 races of varying distance under my belt which includes many expos it is rare to come across something new. Oh and I should mention a large part of my job with the 100 Half Marathons Club is working with vendors.  Why is this important to this review you ask?  Well because RunnerBox got me. There were SIX things in the box that I either never heard of or never considered looking into as a runner product.  You're off to a good start RunnerBox, great job! 

Let's take a look at what I received from RunnerBox

The box  measures 7 3/4 X 3 1/4 X 5 1/4. I did get one item on the side that didn't fit in the box. 

Some literature was nicely wrapped in their tissue paper that I intentionally tossed off to the side to excited to see what was underneath. Surprises are always fun. 

All this is what I found inside the box. It is a nice mix or products.

Remember that literature I tossed to the side, well it had my favorite thing of the entire box in it. This super awesome 13.1 coloring page.   It's a page from the book "COLOR MY RUN"

Also included is a very detailed list of each item inside the box. That's going above and beyond and I'm sure takes plenty of time to put together.  

Now that we've looked inside the box the real question everyone wants answered.


Well that depends on you. Are you willing to be experimental?  Do you like finding out about new products? In this particular box I would use or try about 3/4 of the contents. In order to really make a better assessment I'd probably need to receive a few more boxes. A great idea would be to swap the items you won't use with your running bodies.  Then you'd really be getting some great value from it. 

I really enjoyed receiving RunnerBox and think it makes an awesome gift for any athlete. 


  1. I have tried Runner Box and Stride Box. Both are cool and it is fun to see new things but to be honest I never used much of either. How can you really tell how well something works with just 1 try of it fuel wise. (Unless it is just bad for you or your belly) But little trial size chafe creams and the like are always great for traveling.

    1. You can definitely tell after one try if you hate it. Or if it really disagrees with you. If I like it, I can buy more for a second try. But it definitely has saved me money to sample a fuel once (I have dumped out bottles mid workout before LOL)

  2. They will be thrilled to receive their box filled with a variety of high quality products.Mark R. Smith

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