Monday, September 28, 2015

Hogsback Half Marathon Review

Hogsback Half Marathon
Colebrook, CT
September 26, 2015 

   Half Marathon 439

If you want the feel of a trail race but fear running off road this race is for you.

   After driving for a couple hours the sun began to rise as we made our way to another starting line. It was an easy drive with my running partner in crime PIC Alicia. Just the two of us chatting away and waiting to see what this race had in store for us. The ritual and excitement of a race never gets old. On this morning the sunrise stopped me mid sentence and we took a moment to appreciate it.

  We arrived nice and early and grabbed a close parking spot. I was shocked at how cold it was when I stepped out of the car. Finally at just 48 degrees the fall air had arrived. Packet pickup was in a nice field with a beautiful view. I'm now 36 half marathons in for the year and getting confused because I thought this was going to be a huge race. I'm so glad it wasn't! Over and over I've expressed that often the smaller races leave the biggest impression. 

   After climbing up a decent size hill we gathered at the starting line. Everyone commented about how glad they were the race didn't didn't start at the bottom of that hill. There we very friendly and knowledgeable pacers gathering runners and briefing them a bit. I've never been one to stick with a pacer but they are a great help for those who want it.

   The course consisted of tree lined quite roads that run alongside a river. I couldn't help but notice all the trials that lead into the woods. They looked so inviting and I wanted to just veer off course to go exploring. Often I was running alone just listening to the river yet I felt comfortable in the solitude. There was no fear of getting lost because the few turns that came up had a volunteer directing us. Water and Gatorade were available often enough.  The finish of this race opens up to a bridge with a great view. Truth be told you think you are closer to that line then you really are. Time stands still for a bit on that bridge until you reach the last few feet. 

  The post race celebration offered bagels, fruit, ziti and salad. I won a raffle and took home an adorable plush ghost trick or treat bag filled with candy. It was an organized well done event worth the drive.  



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