Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Suffolk County Marathon & Half Marathon Race Report

Suffolk County Marathon & Half Marathon 
Heckscher State Park, NY
September 13, 2015

      Marathon: 641
      Half Marathon : 2020


What makes a race successful? 

    In this case the volunteers and spectators made the Inaugural Suffolk County Marathon and Half Marathon a successful enjoyable race. They were there by the hundreds no job too big or too small to be taken on by these eager cheerful people. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into these events. They do it for the love of the sport and the love of their friends and family. 

       One person standing alone ringing that cowbell, or a group like Selden Hills manning on aide station, or the young men from Dowling college handing out water, or the family inspiring their children from the sidelines... they all matter.  

       As a runner who has attended over 300 racing events I am always touched by the people who volunteer their time to help or support us. It just never ceases to amaze me that they give up their time to do so.  

      There is much that can be learned from running a marathon or half marathon but for this one the lesson is to give back to the community the supports you. These people stood outside for hours, or did preparations behind the scenes. The towns we ran through welcomed us with signs and cheering squads feeling privileged to have an event like this in their backyards.  I say thank you.

It was our privilege that you welcomed us to run through your streets.        



  1. Coming back the Dowling guys made a cheer tunnel and high fived us on both sides. It was exactly what I needed!! They were awesome! -Linda

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  3. I was volunteering at the Start and Finish Lines and I really enjoyed viewing this video, since I did not leave the park. It was great seeing the course, the runners and all the community support. Thank you so much for taking this Go Pro video and for sharing it!
    Cheryl Clifford
    (I work in the GLIRC office)