Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rockapulco End of Summer Half Marathon Race Report

Rockapulco Half Marathon
Rockaway, NY
August 29, 2015

Finishers: 364

No frills races rock! 

    Rockapulco Run puts on several low cost no frills races throughout the year. They don't talk about fancy "bling" or huge after parties with all the beer you can drink but they don't charge you for all that stuff either. While those races can be a load of fun sometimes it's nice to just attend a quite low key race. It's a great opportunity to get a run done with course support and other runners. You can be alone in your thoughts while still having the comfort of knowing a few hundred other people are around you doing the same thing.   

    I had considered that being a low key race there would be a very low amount of runners, not enough support or even the mat being pulled up on me. I've been running super slow lately and that's okay. 
   This was not all the case. The race director picked a nice location for the event that offered real bathrooms, beach views and tables to sit and wait. 

 The vibe of the event was relaxed, peaceful and calm. Perfect for a day on the beach at summer's end. We were lined up and briefed a bit about the course which takes you out a back a few times along the boardwalk. This area was severely damaged by storm Sandy and the rebuild process has been under way. 

  I settled into a very easy pace and used this as a chance to reflect and take in the conversations of people around me. There were many first timers fighting there way through the pains. Some running with buddies and some going it alone.  I always want to support them because I will never forget my first half and I swear that day can define if we ever run another half again or not.  Get to that finish line, smile after you cross it and it's likely you will run again. 

  Course support was more then expected with water (full water bottles ) being handed out. While this is appreciated it is ashame how much water and plastic is wasted. I couldn't help but notice all the bottles that had only a sip taken from them then thrown on the ground.  Volunteers were quickly picking them up so no mess was left behind but I just couldn't throw a full bottle on the ground and opted to carry mine. Many people did but for those speedy runners that is just not feasible. I would implore this race for a better option next time. 

   The best little part is the on course sprinkler station. What a great opportunity to cool off and for my little one to play a bit while I was running.  C'mon who wouldn't love to run in there real quick?   

It was the perfect end of summer run for the mind and body. 

I completed my 30th half marathon of 2015 

Thank you Rockapulco Run for a nice event and to the Race Director for being at the finish line checking on everyone even as the last runners came in. 



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