Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween Half Marathon Review

Halloween Half Marathon
Superhero Events
Morristown, NJ
October 18, 2015

  Half Marathon 1203


Winning Time:

It was one of those feel good days 

    Still fighting off a cold and a bit sore from the half marathon the day before I set out in the early morning on my solo trip to this race. These little adventures are my reset button. It's a chance to do things at my pace and on my own time. I get to really focus on the crowd and the vibe of the race.  

    I arrived super early to the pleasant Morristown easily grabbing a parking spot on the residential streets. There is also a parking garage close by so no worries about finding a spot. Then took the very short walk to the staging area and was greeted by super cheery smiling volunteers. I felt bad for them because it was so cold. An unexpected 32 degrees took us all by surprise. How lucky the runners were to receive their totally awesome long sleeve tech shirt. It has to be one of my favorite race shirts! Yeah sure there is that whole superstitious taboo thing about "should you were the race shirt the day of the race" but when it's cold and people aren't prepared that goes out the window.

 The DJ was pumping out some great Halloween music getting the crowd  excited ...sorry neighbors.  
Gear check was working double time to get the bags loaded into the van to be carted to the finish line. It was a tough job for them as everyone waited to the last second to strip those layers down. With it located just steps form the starting line it was super convenient. BONUS!!! 
  I never noticed a long line for the many porta-potties. Woohoo fantastic. Everything we needed contained right there in that parking lot and staged perfectly 

   It was so much fun checking out everyone's Halloween race attire The starting area was full of color and giddy adults tapping back into childhood. We were sent off into the streets to find our pace and rhythm. Runner safety was very visible with great traffic control and police patrolling the course. Even one riding a motorcycle through the entire distance. Sometimes you don't realize how comforting it is to know you are being taken care off. EMS were staged along the way as well. 

  The course was nice residential streets and along opens fields. The feel of fall resonated from the changing leaves and halloween decorations on porches. As we approached the final miles the course turned into a beautiful park. Ahhhhh now this is home. A winding leaf covered asphalt path through the woods was the home stretch. The perfect way to finish up this race.     

  As I crossed the finish line I reminded myself that this is why I persist. This is why I don't back out of races no matter how bad I'm feeling. You just never know what the day will bring until you are out there running. Be adoptive, adjust your pace and enjoy the journey. 

  The finish area had plenty of goodies. Oh  I should mention water along the course was readily available. No issues at all there. My checked bag was securely waiting for me and I easily hopped back on the bus to the car. 

  Superhero events did a great job with this race and I'll be returning next year. 

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