Friday, October 30, 2015

The Reservoir Run Race Review

The Reservoir Run
Weston, CT
October 25, 2015

  Half Marathon 276


Winning Time:

Go fast enough to get there but slow enough too see -Jimmy Buffet

Take each race as it comes and adjust to the opportunity put before you. Every race has something different to offer. On this day I was given the beauty of fall foliage, nature and peace. As we walked up to the school the kindest gentle mannered volunteers welcomed us. They held signs that read "how can I help you". Their calm approach set the tone for a relaxing morning. In all my races I've never seen an event where every volunteer was so calm as if they've done it a thousand times. I felt as if my participation in the race was greatly appreciated. That counts for something in my book. 
I took a minute to introduce myself to Race Director Phyllis. It was only fitting that I did so given that we had exchanged many emails since I was forced to miss this race last year due to that stress fracture. We then spoke again with regards to working with the 100 Hundred Marathons Club. Phyllis generously offered club members a discount on the race. Thank you. This helps members reach their goals.

  The Reservoir run offers a challenging but beautiful course. Set during fall just a week before Halloween it is the perfect time to run. A small field of runners especially in the mid to back of the back allowed me to really enjoy my surroundings. A chance to take it all in.  Could you go run on your own, not pay an entry fee and get the same thing? Well not if you want these cute motivational signs along the way. What about the aid stations with several people catering to your needs. Water gatorade what would you like?  You'd be surprised how much these signs mean! When you've reached the top of that big hill and see this. YOU BETTER BELIEVE I CAN!

  Even running slow and alone for the majority of the race I was treated as if I was a first class athlete at each intersection.  It is clear they value every person that runs this race. 

Apologies for the blurry raindrops on the camera during parts of this video  This amature vidoegrapher forget to wipe them off. Too busy enjoying my run.


   The Weston High school allowed us to use their facilities. Nice clean bathrooms and cafeteria to enjoy our post race goodies.  Vegetarian subs cookies and fruit hit the spot. How about the Taco Loco truck giving out Chips N Salsa and quesadillas? Yummy!

This is a race worth returning to every year.

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