Monday, October 26, 2015

Haunted Half Marathon Review

Haunted Half Marathon
Pequannock, NJ
October 24, 2015 

   Half marathon 214
Winning time:

Wow that was fast!

    It's been a very long time since I've run a flat and fast course. Just chilly enough temps with a great course through quiet residential neighborhoods made this race one to run, really run. Guess it was time to get serious again and dare I say, think about the clock. This past year my running has been about everything but the clock so it was interesting to push harder this time. Still couldn't make it all about that so I did strap on the GoPro and take some time to talk to other runners. I just can't help myself. The people are the best part of running these events. I'd trade ticks tocks on the clock any day for taking the time to interact. 

   Arriving early as we always do parking was quick and easy. Real bathrooms were available close  to the car. The start was just a short walk through the park. Runners gathered donning their costumes. We were quickly briefed and set on our way.   


    Water stops were available often enough. Some had the cutest little kids proudly holding that cup of water as high as their little arms could reach. Future runners maybe? We can only hope. I encourage you to thank them, smile at them and give them a high five. Inspire these little minds to do great things. Leave a positive lasting impression. 

  The course was clearly marked. Intersections and traffic perfectly controlled and secure. Go ahead and focus on your form and breathing with no fear of being plowed down by some careless driver. Don't tell but I may have even used music during this race. 

   It was not a PR for me but the fastest time I've seen in 2015...I'll take it! Our teammate Dean from the  Northport Running Club  placed in his age group so we had the chance to hang around chatting with other runners. What a terrific bunch of runners that attend this race. These smaller races are always more intimate.  It tends to feel like a big family versus getting lost in the crowd. It makes a huge difference in a race when I can hear & see the race director. I want to run the races where the race director's passion for executing a race the runners will love is as deep as my passion for running it. 

   Race Director Greg did a fantastic job with this event. This was suppose to be a 2014 event for me until I was sidelined with a stress fracture. At that time Greg was very responsive to emails and seemed to care more about me getting better to return to running then he did about the race entry fee and made it possible for me to attend this year. There are not many RD's like this out there. You definitely will not find them in the overpriced huge races so choose wisely my friends.      

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